Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Professor Keiji Terao

Q What is CycloPower™?

A CycloPower™ refers to cyclodextrins — beneficial oligosaccharide molecules derived from plants.  Japanese researchers led by Professor Keiji Terao of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology discovered cyclodextrins can act as a natural booster when complexed with other ingredients. Since this discovery Professor Terao has been working closely with Manuka Health to develop our innovative range of cyclodextrin-boosted natural products. Manuka Health branded the resulting technology 'CycloPower™' — 'cyclo' in reference to cyclodextrins; and, 'power' because of the natural boosting action.


Q Are cyclodextrins safe?

A All cyclodextrins are evaluated by JECFA (Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives). Alpha cyclodextrins are very safe food additives.


Q Is manuka honey combined with cyclodextrin still a natural product?

A Yes, it is still a natural product. Both manuka honey and cyclodextrins are natural products. Both chemical structures are unchanged by chemical reactions even after combining them.


Q How does the cyclodextrin/manuka honey complex release the manuka honey?

A The water molecule is its driving force. Cyclodextrins are soluble in water. By adding water the manuka honey is released from the cyclodextrin.  Within the body this happens when the supplement comes in contact with fluids in the mouth and digestive system, thus releasing the manuka honey in a sustained manner.

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