How CycloPower™ Works

CycloPower™ is a natural bioactive booster for more effective dietary supplementation and is the latest breakthrough product from Manuka Health New Zealand.

It is to natural healthcare what turbo is to vehicles – a way to get more performance without increasing the dose.

The power in CycloPower™ comes from  cyclodextrins – plant-derived beneficial oligosaccharides. When combined with natural ingredients, cyclodextrins can substantially elevate their activity making them more stable, more soluble and more bioavailable.   What’s more, delivery is sustained over a longer period.

CycloPower™ more effectively delivers natural ingredients in the body where they are needed.

Many factors can limit effectiveness of natural ingredients

CycloPower™ can address many of these: taste, absorption, availability

CycloPower™ was developed to protect natural ingredients through the digestive system

Slow release formula provides long lasting delivery of natural ingredients in the body

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