What is CycloPower™?

What is CycloPower™?

Every now and then health science surges ahead with a breakthrough that is both simple and ingenious. CycloPower™ is one of those breakthroughs. It is to natural healthcare what turbo is to vehicles — a way to get more performance without increasing the dose.

The discovery behind CycloPower™ was made by a team of Japanese researchers led by Professor Keiji Terao of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. They found that cyclodextrins — beneficial oligosaccharide molecules derived from plants — can act as a natural booster.

Since that discovery, Professor Terao has been working closely with Manuka Health to bring the benefits of cyclodextrin-boosted natural products to the world. Manuka Health have branded the resulting technology 'CycloPower™' — 'cyclo' in reference to cyclodextrins; and, 'power' because of the natural boosting action.

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